Hunter Selection's Marketing Agency Win Top Award!

6th July 2016

Vivd Winners

Hunter Selection is delighted for Vivid for their fantastic win at the Bristol Post Business Awards!



Bristol based content marketing agency Vivid, has swept up the award for Marketing Campaign of

the Year at the 2016 Bristol Post Business Awards.

The winning campaign entitled ‘Define Tomorrow’ was conceived for Vivid’s client ComputerWorld,

one of the South West’s largest business IT companies. The multi-faceted campaign involved the

design and construction of an entirely new website for the company, along with responsive email,

social and video campaigns culminating in a ‘Define Tomorrow’ event which instantly became the

largest business technology conference in the South West, and gained recognition from numerous

industry giants including the likes of Microsoft, Dell and VMware.

Founded by three ex-Future plc executives, Vivid was established back in 2015 as a full-service

marketing agency designed to offer brands the rich story-based marketing approach which is usually

reserved for consumer publishing. Blending the crafts of journalism and publishing with big brand

marketing Vivid tells brilliant stories across a multitude of client channels, creating magazines,

websites, events and ‘all the things the internet loves’.

Vivid’s Managing Director, Jayne Caple, stated “We’re absolutely delighted that the Define

Tomorrow campaign has received such recognition for both us and ComputerWorld, who are always

a pleasure to work with. We hope this demonstrates to brands, large and small, that great marketing

is simply great storytelling, and if you want to get your brand’s story out there, you need compelling

content. The principle upon which we founded Vivid just 18 months ago.”

Discussing the concept of the campaign Sean Atkins, Content Director, said “To many, business IT

solutions is such a dry and frankly impenetrable subject matter that attracting business leaders to an

event on such a subject then without them glazing over is a difficult task. To tackle this issue we

created a vibrant new thought leadership sub-brand, website, email campaign, and Bristol-based

event to tell ComputerWorld’s story and convey business benefits rather than technology stories.”

Find out more about the Define Tomorrow™ campaign and view more of Vivid’s work on their