Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Hunter Selection Limited – Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Equal Opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Hunter Selection Limited is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas of its work and will promote diversity for all employees, workers and candidates and shall adhere to this policy at all times.

We value the principles of diversity and respect for individual differences and believe that diversity will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of our clients and


Hunter Selection aims to develop, promote and deliver its services, information and employment opportunities without discriminating against race, religion, gender, sexuality,

disability, age or any other aspect of an individual’s background or heritage which is used as justification for unfair treatment.

Nationally we have a number of ‘activists’ who are Mental Health First Aider qualified who offer guidance around mental health and promote awareness and D&I initiatives.  We are passionate in promoting everyone ‘being able to bring your whole self to work’-  we want each and every employee to feel comfortable at work and are working hard to break down stigma and discrimination in everything we do as a company and to embed a culture embracing diversity and ensuring inclusion.

These run through our values –Teamwork & Community, Trust & Respect and Determination and Enjoyment.

Hunter Selection is committed to continuing to be an organisation that:

  • Develops services to achieve equality and diversity in all activities.
  • Endeavours to employ a workforce that generally reflects the population.
  • Understands how valuing diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services.
  • Actively consults with different individuals and communities to ensure that the Services provided are responsive and reflect the need for diversity.
  • Provides all employees with the training and development they need to enable them to achieve their goals within the organisation.
  • Provides a supportive, open environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Listens to its clients and employees and involves them in the development of services that recognise diversity.
  • Believes the importance of everyone in the organisation playing a part to ensure this happens.

Diversity Strategies

APSCo Member Committed to Diversity

In October 2020 Hunter Selection became an APSCo member committed to diversity.

Encouraging Diversity in Recruitment

Hunter Selection has demonstrated its commitment to encouraging diversity in recruitment. APSCo’s Diversity Commitment is a public promise by its members to take measurable steps to improve diversity within their organisation and within the recruitment industry.

Diversity is about being different. It is about understanding and treating people as individuals, and placing a positive value on those differences in the community and in the workplace. Businesses need to attract people with a wider range of backgrounds and attitudes because Britain is becoming more diverse, and to ignore this wealth of talent will be damaging in the future.

APSCo recognises diversity as an important business issue affecting its members, and their end-user clients. It’s critical that recruitment businesses tap into the widest available pool of candidates to provide their clients with the best resource available regardless of their age, gender, disability, ethnicity, or other defining characteristics. To this end APSCo provides its Diversity Committed Members with practical advice and support on how to take steps to improve in this area, and actively encourage diversity.”

It is Hunter Selection’s strategy to ensure that its Diversity and Inclusion Policy is applied fairly and consistently across the organisation as an integral part of the service we provide.

As a result this we will ensure that:

  • We recognise people’s differences and ensure that each individual is treated with respect.
  • We will take action to address any discrimination, while promoting diversity in employment and service.
  • Our strategies reflect existing and forthcoming EU and UK legislation regarding equality.
  • All of our strategies, actions and outcomes are applied company-wide throughout all offices via detailed Action Plans.


Hunter Selection promotes having a diverse workforce that has the understanding and

skills to provide a responsive service to both our clients and employees. As an organisation we are committed to ensuring that all people are treated fairly and without discrimination. As an employer, we aim to ensure that all employees treat each other with dignity and respect.

We aim to develop a working environment where harassment is unacceptable and where individuals feel confident bringing forward complaints without fearing prejudice or stigma. In the extremely unlikely event that harassment occurs we have robust policies and procedures in place to manage these cases. In order to achieve these aims we will:

  • Provide full and fair consideration to all job applications.
  • Ensure all employees undergo relevant training as part of the induction process.
  • Provide sufficient training to enable all employees to work to the best of their ability and carry out their duties.
  • Review all recruitment, selection, training, and promotions procedures regularly to ensure best practice.
  • Maintain records of our recruitment, training and employment and use this information to assist in identifying areas of improvement.
  • Wherever possible, modify our employment practices and procedures to reduce any barriers that members of disadvantaged social groups may experience whilst in the process of seeking and during employment.
  • Adhere to processes put in place to deal with harassment, bulling and dignity at work. Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


Hunter Selection is committed to achieving racial equality. We recognise our duties under the Race Relations Act 1976 and related codes of practice, and commit to striving for racial equality both in employment and service provision. We adhere to codes of conduct which seek to establish best practice in equal opportunities within the recruitment industry. It will be considered an act of gross misconduct to treat a person less favourably than others, on racial grounds. To achieve our aims we will:

  • Provide services relevant to people’s needs whilst respecting their cultural and social identities.
  • Strive to have a representative workforce that can sensitively address the needs of all communities.
  • Work with other organisations to promote racial equality and eliminate racial disadvantage and racial harassment.
  • Ensure that the only acceptable environment at Hunter Selection is one that is free from racial harassment and behaviour.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


Hunter Selection’s strategy is to positively protect people from discrimination on the grounds of all religions and beliefs. This will be in relation to the organisation’s recruitment

and selection procedures, together with employment practices, such as dress code and disciplinary procedure. To achieve our aims we will:

  • Create an environment which recognises and respects religion and belief.
  • Provide training and information to all staff to so that they can sensitively address the needs of individuals and maintain a policy of equal opportunity.
  • While separate from our Race strategy, our actions for religion and belief will be broadly similar in principle.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


 At Hunter Selection we wish to create an environment where employees, both women and men, are free to share their needs and concerns as carers and are not disadvantaged in

the workplace by doing so. We acknowledge that caring responsibilities may include caring for children, a person with a disability and older people. To achieve our aims we will:

  • Work with those who are carers to identify their needs and develop appropriate arrangements to meet these needs.
  • Make the best possible use of flexible working practices to support carers in our workforce (within the constraints of effective service delivery).
  • Develop an organisational culture which provides a supportive environment for carers and promotes awareness of this within Hunter Selection.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


 Hunter Selection is committed to achieving gender equality under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Equal Pay Act 1970 and codes of practice and to strive for gender equality in service provision and employment.

We will not discriminate against a person on the grounds of sex, marriage or because someone intends to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone gender reassignment. When applying certain employment requirements or conditions, as far as reasonably practical, Hunter Selection will ensure that it does not have a disproportionately detrimental effect on one sex or on married people unless it can be shown to be justifiable (for instance to be job-related). To achieve our aims we will:

  • Create an environment which is free from harassment and sexist behaviour.
  • Maintain a good gender mix throughout the organisation.
  • Work alongside other organisations to promote gender equality in the organisation.
  • Provide flexibility within the working environment to promote and recognise a good work/home balance. (please also see the Carers section).
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


Hunter Selection is aware of the real discrimination and stigma that people face due to their sexuality and life choices and is committed to developing an environment that is inclusive, fair, open and welcoming of individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender. All employees and prospective employees will be treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Develop policies and procedures to prevent unfair treatment regarding a person’s sexual orientation.
  • Provide a consistent level of service irrespective of any employee’s or customer’s sexual orientation.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


Hunter Selection is committed to achieving disability equality whereby a disabled person will not be treated less favourably because of a reason relating to their disability, without a justifiable reason. We also recognise that improvements made in the operation of our services can reduce the disabilities faced by the disabled.

To achieve our aims we will:

  • Recognise our responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, EU Directives and other legislation and will follow the relevant DRC Codes of Practice for employment, premises and service.
  • Endeavour to ensure that all our services and documentation are accessible and available to people with a disability.
  • Whenever possible modify our procedures to make full use of an individual’s ability and adapt our facilities as necessary to accommodate people with a disability.
  • Where needed, provide managers and staff with training in awareness and confidence to support people with a disability.
  • Whenever possible, continue to employ staff who become disabled during their employment, and assist with their retraining.
  • Provide systems which seek to maximise access to employment by people with a disability.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


At Hunter Selection we recognise that age discrimination can affect all age groups and all genders. Age is no indicator of effectiveness in most work activities and employment decisions should not be based on age alone (with the current exception of retirement age). We value people regardless of age and aim to provide services that should be sensitive to the needs of all age groups. We will work to create an environment where people are judged on their talent, skills and experience, rather than on misconceptions and prejudices about age. Action will be taken to combat this discrimination and to afford equality of opportunity for older and younger people. To achieve our aims we will:

  • Remove age-related criteria from our employment practices (subject to present retirement ages).
  • Provide training and promotion on the basis of need, regardless of age.
  • Work with organisations to eliminate age discrimination.
  • Adhere to guidance from Government and comply with all relevant legislation requirements.


Russell Smith (Managing Director)  06.01.08 (reviewed 24.5.22)