10 November 2022

Five reasons your next job should be in IT

Over the last few years, there has been a lot in the news about people quitting their jobs and doing something else entirely, quitting their jobs and ‘reshuffling‘ to something similar or, most recently, ‘quiet quitting’. That’s not quitting your job, but deciding to do the bare minimum you can to get by.

If you’ve found yourself doing (or considering doing) any of the above, it could well be time to start looking for a new job – or maybe even an entirely new career path! And we think at the moment, one of the best places to move to is into the IT sector. Here’s why…

High satisfaction

There are several stereotypes about working in IT, which have been perpetuated by TV shows such as The IT Crowd. But the fact of the matter is it’s not all Dungeons and Dragons and jokes about circuit boards. People from all walks of life work in IT and those who do are happy!

A recent study by GlassDoor of the 25 happiest jobs in the UK returned results supporting this, with eleven of the listed jobs being in the world of tech – including Java Developer, Cloud Engineer and UX Designer.

Lots of opportunities

For candidates in many industries, finding your next job is not always easy. Oversaturated talent pools create a buyer’s market. This means low salaries across the board and stiff competition in most sectors… but that’s not the case with IT.

As the tech and IT industries continue to grow, so too do their employee shortages. This means that not only are there lots of jobs in tech, but in the future, there will be even more – meaning consistent opportunities to progress your career.

Good pay

Job satisfaction is important but no one wants to work for free! Remuneration packages for IT workers are often very generous. In the UK, the average salary for tech jobs is £62,500 according to Reed – almost twice the national average!

Good work/life balance

Money is all very well and good, but if you haven’t got any free time to enjoy your hard-earned cash then what’s the point? Well, happily working in IT checks that box too.

While there may be occasional long hours or stressful periods at peak times, tech jobs report some of the best work/life balances in the job market.

This is largely because of the high proportion of hybrid and completely remote jobs on offer, resulting in reduced commuter stress and more free time to spend however you want. Some tech jobs are even open to employees working from overseas, so you could become a digital nomad and spend your lunch break chilling on a tropical beach!

No experience required

Now you may be thinking ‘this all sounds great, but I don’t have the skills, qualifications or experience to do these jobs’. But IT is actually a very accessible industry.

While it’s unlikely you’ll immediately be able to grab a six-figure position as a Data Architect at a top tech firm, there are a lot of entry-level IT jobs that are open to people from non-tech backgrounds.

There is also a huge range of short courses available in things like coding and cybersecurity that can be completed in just a few weeks and open up even more career options. So… What are you waiting for?

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