How to positively respond to a failed job application

There is nothing worse than spending hours crafting the perfect covering letter and updating your CV only to then find out that you didn’t get the job. This is especially true if you took the day off work to attend an interview.

There are, however, a few silver linings to any failed job application which could put you in better stead to find another job. Here are our tips to making the most out of every rejection you get.


Respond (politely!) to rejection emails

While it sounds rather obsequious, a quick thank you email in response to your rejection will leave a positive impression in the eyes of the employer.

Remember the turnover of new starters is often high. This not only means you may see the same job advert pop-up a short time afterwards but being polite at this point could give you the inside track’ if another opportunity does arise.


Ask for feedback

If the employer has not already provided feedback in their rejection letter, then ask for it. Feedback is the single most important thing you stand to gain from any rejection. While some employers might simply tell you that the calibre of candidates was very high and that you just didn’t quite make the cut, others will provide you with detailed notes. This kind of feedback is invaluable to learn about any glaring omissions you made, which you will now know to include in future applications.

You will also learn about where your CV is lacking and how you could improve it – perhaps by doing a short course or by asking for more responsibilities in your current role.


Relish your interview experiences

Job interviews are the last hurdle in the application process but are also where many applicants say their weakness lies. Everything from how you handle yourself when you arrive at reception, to how you say goodbye, can have an effect on if you get the job or someone else does.

Interviews are inherently stressful scenarios that often make individuals act unnaturally. Sadly, the only way to become really great at job interviews is to get as much experience of actually doing them as possible. Just think, for every failed interview you do, you gain more experience at actually being interviewed.


Speak to a recruitment consultant who specialises in your sector

There is a myth that as recruitment consultants work on behalf of the employer, they cannot help candidates. But that is simply not true, Recruiters are experts in vetting candidates which uniquely positions them in a prime place to advise candidates.


Stay positive

Try to not be disheartened when you dont get a job. For every position there will be dozens of applications, so the only real secret to landing your next job is persistency. Keep looking and keep applying for new roles and eventually the tide will turn in your favour.

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