08 April 2021

What’s it like working at Hunter Selection?

The best way to find out about what a company is like is to ask the staff, so that’s what we did…

It’s been almost 20 years since Hunter Selection was founded by Managing Director Russell Smith, in this time it has grown to become one of the UK’s leading recruitment services operating within the Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Technology sectors.

Our company has built up a reputation for professionalism and expertise but that doesn’t really give you a full picture of what it’s like working here. So, we asked team members from across our regional offices to share their comments on our company and its workplace culture.

Why work in recruitment?

When we asked our teams why they chose recruitment, they talked about the opportunities the industry offers, and in particular the opportunities in the diverse areas of Engineering, Manufacturing, Service and Technology.

“I wanted the chance to have an unlimited earning potential that was driven by how hard I worked,” says Georgina Seward, a Recruitment Consultant in our Facilities, Fire & Security team.

For Sam Paynter, a HS Recruitment Consultant in Cardiff, it’s the people-aspect of recruitment that was attractive. “I enjoy talking to people,” says Sam. “I have enjoyed the challenges and variety of the role alongside the banter in Cardiff – that’s why I’ve stayed.”

Many of our recruitment consultants will also tell you they get a real buzz when they find a role for a candidate. You’ve helped that person, and you’ve helped the company hiring them. Roles within our company are flexible and varied, and nobody feels like they’re on tramlines. This means that our teams find recruitment more intellectually stimulating than other sales roles, with plenty of potential to progress.

“It provides a fantastic opportunity in which to develop and progress within a short time frame, given hard work and perseverance,” says Stafford-based Regional Manager James Clarke. “It really rewards people who are motivated by a day-to day challenge and thrive off providing a high level of service to clients and candidates alike. I chose Hunter Section because their ethics and values ring true with me.”

What’s it like to work for Hunter Selection?

Here at Hunter Selection, we’ve built the company around the values of teamwork, loyalty and perseverance. When we asked our teams what the company’s like to work for, many of their answers came back to the atmosphere, environment and culture.

“It’s brilliant,” says Chris Hagger, our Coventry Manager. “I enjoy working alongside ambitious like-minded people and we have a fantastic culture. The business is always striving to improve, and it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, supporting you, allowing you to flourish. There is a clear determination to grow the business and promote internally giving a great career platform for everyone.”

Several of our team members mentioned how Hunter Selection had supported them so that they could progress in their roles and within the industry. We think that’s a base line that every employer should aim for, and for us it’s also about creating a sociable work environment and a healthy work-life balance. From sporting events and charity initiatives to Christmas and Summer parties, we have plenty of fun outside the office. Staff also have the option of an early career sabbatical and we are really lucky to have an Employee Benefit Trust where everyone has the chance to ‘own’ a part of the business.

“Compared to other recruitment companies I’ve interviewed at, HS has a very friendly feel,” says Scott Havercroft, Consultant in our Bristol Office. “Having social events throughout the year and drinks after work on Fridays definitely helps to bring the teams together.”

Why people stay at Hunter Selection?

You get out what you put in – it’s something we say as a company, and our staff agree. If you work hard at Hunter Selection, you’ll be rewarded, and this will be reflected in both your earning potential and career progression. This is one of the main reasons why people who join our company tend to stick around.

“I enjoy the rewards of doing well in recruitment. The commission allows me to live a better life,” explains David Biggs, Senior Consultant, Cardiff Office.

But as well as being rewarded for their work, people at Hunter Selection also point to the team they work with as the reason they stay, and teamwork has always been a huge part of our success.

“I like the teamwork of Hunter Selection,” says Georgina Seward, FFS Consultant. “You are never on your own to do a task – there will always be someone there to support you and help you grow.”

“The team I work with is why I stay,” adds Mitchell Corrick, Consultant in Bristol. “And the chance to help candidates while providing a first-class consultancy approach.”

Join our team

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