10 July 2020

Why use a specialist recruitment agency? Here’s why…

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether there’s a better way of finding the ideal recruit for you organisation? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, many large organisations – especially ones that work in niche sectors – are leapfrogging the traditional recruitment stages of advertising, filtering CVs then interviewing and making specialist recruitment consultancies their ‘go-to’ system. These recruiters have the sector-specific skills and knowledge that allows them to find recruits who don’t just have the right qualifications and experience, but also the right potential and personality for the company too. Matching the aspirations of the applicant to the ambitions of the employer.

Targeting applicants

Where and when an organisation places its recruitment advertisement instantly limits the pool of potential recruits who will see it. Post it on your company’s own website and it will only be seen by those people who are already aware of the business. Place it in the national press or online and while the advert will be seen by many, few are likely to have the required specialist interest, skills and qualifications.

A specialist recruitment consultancy such as Hunter Selection can not only advertise in targeted areas but can also reach out to everyone on its extensive database with the right skills, ensuring the most comprehensive search. The right recruitment partner can also supply contract and short-term staff and will be able to act quickly to both source and set up suitable staff as well as a flexible range of fixed-term or temporary-to-permanent arrangements, providing the flexibility to cover short periods of increased work flow.

Saving time

While an organisation’s HR department will have the people and processes in place to conduct a recruitment drive, there’s no getting away from the fact that it takes time to write a brief, wait for applications, screen them, organise interviews and so on. The Covid-19 pandemic may have broken down the final barriers to using video conferencing on a daily basis but even with face-to-face interviews replaced by Zoom calls, recruitment tends to be a lengthy process. A specialist recruitment consultancy can hit the ground running, using its existing database of thousands of pre-interviewed candidates to give employers a prompt and effective response, rather than starting the entire process from scratch.

There is no faster method of recruitment.

Salary consulting

You will know what the people on your team are being paid but how does that compare to other organisations working in the same sector, either in your country or abroad? It can be hard to know the true value of talent which can lead to either losing the ideal candidate by offering them a low salary, or securing them by overpaying them and regretting it. A professional recruiter sees the salaries of all candidates in the marketplace. They are uniquely placed to be able to position salary offers based on industry, location, talent and experience. They can save you money as well as making sure that your companies packages accurately reflect the supply and demand of skills accurately all the time.

Hunter Selection is the UK’s leading recruitment service for engineering, manufacturing, service and technology. Our team of first-class recruitment specialists work across four regional offices, giving us a national coverage and local knowledge that’s the envy of our rivals.


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